Wolf Pack DNA / Good 2 Great

Rugby Alberta is excited to launch this program in partnership with g2g for the rugby community in Alberta

Good 2 Great Ethos

“We believe everyone has a talent. Sometimes it’s physical, like being just tall or fast enough to beat the competition. Sometimes it’s mental, like the ability to solve problems that would stop other people in their tracks. Sometimes it’s sheer determination and the will to win! G2G specializes in helping you make the most of your talents, whatever they are, to truly unlock your potential.”

The Alberta Wolf Pack DNA continually strives to provide world-class resources to maximize the potential of our aspiring rugby players. The goal for Alberta Wolf Pack and G2G partnership is to create a “living platform” that players can reference on a daily basis to help achieve this goal.

The Alberta Wolf Pack DNA program was designed to be an 8-week blended program to offer some performance programming since there would be no provincial rugby programs this season. The same sessions will be run in Calgary and Edmonton, participants would stay and training in their own region and complete the online portions of the program in the off weeks. These sessions are meant to be a complement to the online learning platform provided by Good 2 Great. 

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