Attn: 2022 AGM Rescheduled Saturday December 10th

Notice is hereby given that due to unavoidable circumstances the Board of Directors of Rugby Alberta has rescheduled the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) It will now be held on Saturday December 10th 2022 , time and all other information will remain unchanged.

Please note that voting rights under the current Rugby Alberta Bylaws will not be extended to members in bad standing due to unresolved issues, fines, or suspensions that resulted in their participation in the 2021 – 2022 season. All member clubs must still pay their directors insurance before the start of Rugby Alberta’s 2022 AGM to be eligible to vote regardless of their club participation in the 2022 season

Voting Members – The only Members who can vote at General or Special meetings of the Society are Members in good standing and will include the current Board of Directors.

Number of Votes at a General or Special Meeting – 

Each Club is entitled to a maximum of three votes determined by the programs offered by the club (one vote for each Men’s, Women’s and Junior program. A program will be recognized as such when it has 10 or more registered members. All votes are to be cast by representatives of the Club who are at least eighteen (18) years old. At least one club representative must be in attendance. Voting can only be done by those listed on the official Register of Members.

Written approval from the clubs executive outlining who their voting representatives are will be received by the Rugby Alberta office by fax, mail or email no later than 48 hours prior to any General or Special meeting. Failure to provide notice will result in the club not having voting privileges at that meeting.

Voting privileges will be extended to one vote each for the Executive Council, AJRA, RAMOA, ERU, CRU and any other organization the Board of Directors inducts onto the Board.

By the direction of the Executive Committee