Rugby Alberta would like to announce an exciting research opportunity for junior players who live in the Calgary and Edmonton areas for the upcoming rugby season, regardless of what rugby looks like for the coming summer!

Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre, University of Calgary:
SHRed Concussions Research Study

SHRed Concussions is the Surveillance in High Schools to Reduce Concussions and Consequences of Concussions in Canadian Youth.

This is a Canadian research study funded by the National Football League’s (NFL) Scientific Advisory Board. There are currently over 30 community, government, and industry partners involved in the study, some of whom include the Calgary Rugby Union, Rugby Alberta, Alberta Senior High School Athletics Association, Rugby Canada, and World Rugby.

SHRED is looking to develop a greater understanding of concussions through:

  • Prevention

    The reduction of concussion occurrence

  • Detection

    Efficient identification and diagnosis of symptoms

  • Assessment & Treatment

    Expanding and revising handling of concussion recovery

Who can participate?

Junior rugby players between the ages of 13 and 18 who live in the Calgary or Edmonton areas are invited to the study and will have access to the study benefits for the duration of the study if they choose to remain enrolled. The study is a 3-year surveillance study, where the study is currently in its second year. However, an extension has been given due to the nature of the COVID pandemic and surrounding sport restrictions.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Priority access to concussion care with sports medicine physicians

  • Virtual access to a certified athletic therapist for FREE assessment of non-concussion injuries

  • Your contribution to research will assist in the development of safer sport and play for all

What are the roles of participants?

  • Completing brief weekly questionnaires

    Email/text message reminder will ask about sport participation and general health/well-being. These questionnaires take 3 minutes to complete and lets the research team know if you have been injured and need to see the study therapist

  • Reporting and recording all injuries

  • Baseline testing

    Online questionnaires and a virtual Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-5 assessment will be organized closer to the season.

How do I sign up?

Visit the SHRED website:

For more information or to ask questions, please contact SHRED rugby research leads:

Isla Shill,

Dr. Stephen West,

Junior team coaches that coach within the study age and are within the Calgary or Edmonton area are more than welcome to reach out to Isla or Stephen to follow up with any questions regarding their team’s participation in the study and get their team signed up with SHRed. 

SHRED Concussions Website