There are many benefits to becoming a qualified rugby coach. It is a great way to stay involved in the sport after retiring. You have the chance to develop yourself both personally and professionally as well as keeping yourself fit and active.

Coaching is also the perfect way to give back to the sport and inspire the next generation of players.



Coaching Requirements by Level – Minimum Standards

*Optional Professional Development suitable for level

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What is Activate?

Activate is a structured, progressive exercise programme that is designed to be used as part of training sessions and pre-match warm-up routines.

The programme was developed using scientific evidence and expert opinion, whilst feedback from active coaches helped to ensure that the programme is suitable to use across community-level rugby settings.

There are four versions of Activate:

  • Under-15 (Age 13–15 years)

  • Under-16 (Age 15–16 years)

  • Under-18 (Age 16–18 years)

  • Adult (Age 18+ years)

Each version contains several progressive phases to be used throughout the playing season.

All versions of the programme share a similar structure and contain the same types of training activities:

  • balancing and hopping exercises to improve general movement control

  • body weight and partner resistance exercises to develop lower and upper body strength and control

  • plyometric exercises to develop lower and upper body power

  • landing and side-stepping to develop control and technique when performing these activities during play

Research has shown that the programme can reduce the number of injuries to muscles and ligaments (by 26-40%) and the number of concussions (by 29-60%) in youth and adult community-level rugby players. Using the programme more frequently has also been shown to further lessen injury risk.

What are the benefits of using Activate?

Using Activate with players will help to develop and improve their:

  • General movement control and skill – Many of the exercises in Activate can help to develop the stability and mobility that underpin the safe and effective performance of various movements when playing rugby.

  • Conditioning and athletic performance – The progressive nature of Activate can help to improve parts of players’ athletic performance; such as: strength, power, running speed, and ability change of direction efficiently.

  • Physical robustness – Using Activate can help to develop the ability of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to handle the forces they experience when playing rugby, leading to a lower risk of these structures being damaged when playing rugby and other sports.