Rugby Alberta is the governing body for Rugby Union in the Province, as recognised by Rugby Canada and the Alberta Government. As a contact team sport, insurance plays a significant role in how the sport is governed and operated. Rugby Canada, through the Provincial Unions, provides a National Insurance Program for all community rugby to access by becoming a member organisation of their Provincial Rugby Union.

On this page, you will find all the information rugby organisations need to become a member, remain a member and how to utilise the benefits of that membership, which include an online registration and payment system, as well as how to access and benefit from a number of Provincial funding sources.

New Club Setup

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Membership application & renewal

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Membership Categories & Fees

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Rugby Alberta uses SportLomo to manage Membership and registrations and provides this platform to all Member Clubs to manage their Membership and collect dues. This is for Club administrators and registrars to ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need for a smooth and successful season.

Use the resources below to navigate Sportlomo setup and troubleshooting. For any specific Sportlomo issues contact or Sportlomo Support Desk.