Introducing the Blue Card for Player Safety

As a coach within our province, we know that you prioritize the safety and welfare of your players. That’s why we are pleased to introduce The Blue Card program in Alberta.

The Blue Card is a process initiated by coaches, players, medical staff or match officials that identifies a player who has been removed from the field of play due to a suspected concussion and ensures they follow the necessary steps to return-to-play. This program complies with World Rugby, Rugby Canada, and Rugby Alberta guidelines and ensures the correct return-to-play protocols are followed.

As you are aware, there is no sideline Head Injury Assessment (HIA) process at any level of Community rugby. Should a player sustain a suspected concussion, they must not return to the field of play until the necessary steps to return to play through the Blue Card program have been completed. Therefore, we require all players, coaches, and family members to remain aware of any signs and symptoms of concussions.

If a player receives a Blue Card during a match, please note that an email will be sent to the email address associated with your SportLoMo user account with next steps. The email will provide you with further information on how to proceed with the appropriate return-to-play protocols.

The Blue Card program has significantly improved player safety and welfare in the 3 years it has been in place in Rugby Ontario and other jurisdictions. The Blue Card is being piloted in Alberta at this time in all U16 and U18 age grades competitions.

To learn more about The Blue Card program, please visit The Blue Card page or contact us for more information.  Let’s all work together to prioritize player safety.

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