Congratulations To Our 2021 Judy Seddon Scholarship Winners!

Throughout all the changes and challenges this year, we continue to be amazed by students’ ability to adapt, connect, overcome, and adapt. Today, we are proud to announce and recognize two recipients of the Judy Seddon Scholarship, Lilyah Richardson and Ella Pearson.

Lilyah Richardson is a member of the St Albert Rugby club and has also competed in the ICU Pan American Games on the Junior Canada Cheer Team. Lilyah was awarded the Lady Baden-Powell Award and the Canada Cord, for her leadership and involvement with the Girl Guides. She has been accepted in the University of Alberta Bachelor of Science in Nursing program where she hopes to give people the same support that nurses gave her during hospital visits as a child.

Ella Pearson is a member of the Calgary Hornets and has been volunteering in the Calgary rugby community since the age of 14. She continues to give back by working in the recreation department of a seniors’ facility where she finds great joy in giving back and connecting with those who worked for the lives we lead today. She plans to attend the University of British Columbia in the fall to start work on a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Congratulations to Our 2021 Judy Seddon Scholarship Winners!

The Judy Seddon Scholarship is awarded to female athletes aged 15 to 23. With strong ties to the community through volunteerism, who require financial support for their rugby endeavors.

Peter Houlihan

Rookie Rugby Manager – AJRA

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