We are excited to announce the Provincial Junior Club Championships 2024, aimed at enhancing and revitalizing the rugby experience for young athletes in Alberta. This event will be held August 24-25 2024 in Red Deer Alberta.
Historically, our clubs have diligently established thriving leagues for Male and Female players in the U16 and U18 age categories. However, the conventional playdown models leading to City semifinals and finals, and eventually Provincial Finals for each of the 4 competitions, have diminishing participation week by week through eliminations.
So, what does this mean ?
  • Extended Season: We are extending the season for all 4 competitions right up to the proposed Tournament, utilizing regular season standings for seeding the teams.
  • Cup Competition: The top-seeded teams from each city will be invited to the “Cup Competition,” featuring 2 teams from Edmonton and 2 from Calgary. Day 1 will include 2 shortened (40 minutes) games between cities, with Day 2 hosting a gold medal game and a bronze medal 70-minute game for the prestigious Cup trophy.
  • Parallel Competitions: Alongside the “Cup” competition, we plan to organize a Bowl and Shield competition, structured in a similar format, ensuring meaningful competition nad experience for all clubs in Alberta. 
  • Inclusivity: Admission will be open to all clubs, including rural clubs not currently part of the league structure. We will adjust their seeding appropriately to facilitate their participation. 
We believe that the Provincial Junior Club Championships Festival 2024 will not only elevate the level of competition but also foster a stronger sense of club community and inclusivity within our rugby family.

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