World Rugby’s “Game On Global” And 2022 Age Grade Law Variation

World Rugby’s “Game on Global” program is now available to be used across the country and in our province. This optional program will provide flexibility in the number of players, game duration, field size, ball size and law variations related to scrums, lineouts and kicking rules. “Game on Global” was designed with accessibility and welfare as its core values. Rugby Canada has put these variations in place to support the U15 to U19 competitions and senior level competition.

World Rugby “Game on Global” Information

Rugby Canada and the Age Grade Law Variations Committee are pleased to announce the new Age Grade Law Variation Document for 2022. The primary function of the law variations is to implement a consistent national set of age-appropriate modifications for the game of rugby with a focus on enjoyment, player development, accessibility and player welfare.

“These law variations will provide a consistent set of game variations across the country to ensure youth from coast to coast have a quality experience on the field in our game,” said Ryan Jones, Rugby Development Manager for Rugby Canada. “The variations are designed to provide age and stage appropriate competitions for youth further increasing the accessibility of our sport, supporting player development while ensuring player welfare is at the forefront of our game.”

In 2018 Rugby Canada, with the support of the Provincial Unions and the Age Grade Law Variations Committee, rolled out the new Age Grade Law Variations for U7-U19 rugby. Each year the Variations were reviewed by the Age Grade Law Variation Working group based on input from the rugby community and amendments were made as necessary.

Please find the 2022 Age Grade Law Variation Document below:

Age Grade Law Variations Document 

The 2022 Age Grade Law Variations are the standard variations to be used in all age-grade community rugby played across Canada. As we move forward with the 2022 Variations, we will be continuing our review process to assess the effects and determine potential amendments for 2023.

If you require any further information, please reach out to your local competition organizer.