There is a new way to play rugby!

Rush Rugby is an all encompassing fast & friendly non-contact rugby variation. It is five-a-side and can be played indoors or outdoors. Easy to set up with only a few simple rules, Rush Rugby’s goal is to get people playing quickly.

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  • All restarts will be a free pass from the center of the field or a mark given by the referee. 
  • The defending team will be back 5m from the spot of the restart. 
  • The Attacking team will have 5 touches to score a try, if they do not succeed in scoring a try a turnover will result.
  • The referee is responsible for keeping the number of touches.
  • When the ballcarrier is touched by a member of the defending team they have the option to “offload” the ball by passing it to a teammate within 2 steps of being touched.
  • If the ballcarrier is unable to complete an offload they must return to the spot where the touch was made and place the ball on the ground where another member of the attacking team will come and play the ball.
  • If no member of the attacking team plays the ball within 5 seconds the referee may reward a turnover.
  • The defending team Starts 5m back from the starting mark or the spot where the attackers play the ball.
  • To complete a “touch” the defender must make contact with the attacker’s body below the neck with at least 1 hand.
  • Upon completing the touch the defender may want to shout ”touch” to notify the attacker and referee a touch has occurred.
  • This is important if the touch is light and the ballcarrier and referee may miss it.
  • If the ball carrier successfully completes an off load the touch is registered but the no offside line is formed, and play continues.
  • The defender does not have to retreat. If the ballcarrier returns to the spot of the touch all members of the defending team must retreat 5m from the spot of contact.
  • 5 points will be awarded for a try.
  • A try consists of touching the ball to the ground in the in-goal area.
  • If a player is touched while in-goal they may score the try.
  • If a player is touched and their foot is on or above the try-line they shall be considered to be in-goal and may score the try.
  • If a player is touched short of the try-line they may offload or play the ball from a mark 2m back from the try-line.
  • When a try has been scored the game restarts with a free pass from center by the non-scoring team.

Enjoy the Rush game at any skill level!